About Teoman

Teoman is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and a member of CMPS Institute. As a Mortgage Planner, he will share with you home loan planning strategies that can help you to make sound decisions for home buying or refinancing. Teoman joined American Nationwide Mortgage Company (ANMC) as a Mortgage Banker on April of 2012, bringing with him 12 years of experience in the Mortgage Origination business. Prior to that, he worked as an IT Consultant for financial securities companies on Wall Street for 18 years. He is a proud member of ANMC family at the Westport Branch serving all of Connecticut. With a great team of processors and underwriters, he makes sure that the customer is fully satisfied and well taken care of in their home financing transaction from start to finish. Working with Teoman, you will have the convenience of a truly dedicated loan specialist who is committed to get you the lowest mortgage rates, best programs, and delivering timely closings. Teoman is a resident of Westport, CT for the last 15 years and also a member of Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce.